CRL Health & Fitness, LLC is a 100% Native owned and operated Health & Fitness Consulting firm offering health and fitness training, certifications, motivational presentations and program development services uniquely tailored to Indian Tribes. We are TERO Certified.

We come to you to provide training at your facility using your equipment. We show you how to work best with what you have to help people in your community protect and improve health, get fit and live better and we save your Tribe or Program thousands of dollars that might be spent traveling to other trainings!

By making healthier choices every day we contribute to saving MILLIONS OF Indian Health Service DOLLARS that can be used for our children and grandchildren. Vision, dental, preventive care and other procedures could be provided if we reduce spending on conditions that could be managed and/or prevented through making healthier choices like eating healthier, exercising and making better choices in all areas of our lives!



PO Box 30012 Billings, Montana 59107 United States