DC has been painting professionally for nearly forty years and has become an artist of many styles. Not content with one singular style. DC has taken his abilities to all avenues of “Art” and sees no limits as to what a person can accomplish.

DC sees his artwork as a tool that is borderless and has the deeper purpose of bringing understanding and clarity to the viewers about “universal” thinking. Meaning there are really no borders or restrictions on the freedoms of healthy living and becoming…

DC describes himself as a “Universal Artist”; meaning his expressions in artwork have a place for everyone.

DC is an enrolled member of the Turtle Mt. Band of Ojibwa, from northern North Dakota, and is of mixed blood-lines. French ancestry is common among the Ojibwa in the area DC is from. DC openly accepts who he is and has become a man able to bridge many gaps in his life by being able to achieve and exhibit “balance” through his reflections in any medium.

DC is a self-taught artisan who has never let others decide what to paint or create. DC’s prayer is to share life’s experiences with the world and share openly and honestly.

DC is a constant evolution and looks forward to creating continuous beauty with you and for you



110 1/2 W. Ave C Bismarck, North Dakota 58501 United States